Have a smashing year!

The beginning of the New Year is a magical time, full of hope and renewal. At least it is for me. In Ukraine, where I grew up, New Year celebrations are much more elaborate than Christmas. We prepare a months ahead, make wishes, follow (often silly) rituals and let our inner child out helping us to believe everything is possible. It’s like the New Year has the power of giving us all hope for the future and make our dreams come true. We write New Year resolutions, sort out old papers and finally take that box of unwanted stuff you have hoarded all year to a charity shop.

As a one-person company, I made time to plan and budget for 2018. Well, at least I have attempted to, this will be my burden until I find a partner who loves budgeting (anyone knows anyone?). I am excited to have three projects planned for the New Year. Here they are:

Kvibergs Marknad – the biggest market in Gothenburg with tons of character. I’m working on finishing it and getting it ready for launch.

Nigel McCrery – a personal webpage for the acclaimed British crime writer and author of the BBCs long-running series “Silent Witness”.

Pär Dahlberg – personal webpage for IT-genius and professional ”pick-my-brain-guy”.
I hope to get more projects, of course, and in the meantime, I am focusing on what I have on hand.

I wish you all to have a smashing 2018!

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