Triangulo is an official PR agent for Housing Anywhere in Sweden

I am excited to announce that as from July 2017 Triangulo is an official partner with Housing Anywhere in their PR efforts in Sweden. Housing Anywhere is a worldwide platform which offers an innovative way of connecting students moving abroad with landlords all over the World. By providing a safe and reliable platform for exchange students, Housing Anywhere is like a breath of fresh air to the student housing market. The platform allows them to access one online booking services in many languages and book their place to live before leaving home.

Triangulo will support Housing Anywhere with outreach to local media, building and nurture contacts with newspapers and digital editions. Writing articles and & localisation of existent pieces is another focus activity. Triangulo will assist Housing Anywhere by engaging in social media, promoting the company in offline settings and much more.

It feels great to be this missing link in Sweden. More students find an affordable accommodation before they arrive; less hassle for a university to accommodate hundreds panicking students and more secure opportunities for private landlords to rent out their room/flat.

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