Triangulo´s Launching & More about Values

Triangulo has been registered and is officially up and running as from August 31st, 2017. This company of one is eager to stretch its wings and already proud of its existent and upcoming clients.

It all started from my sister’s kind request to help her to create a website. She opened a cattery (cats are my sister’s life-long passion) and needed to let the world know! I knew more about WordPress and digital marketing than her but not a whole lot more! The timing was perfect, I had just become unemployed so why not learn something new, especially if it’s also creative. A year has passed, and it’s amazing how much can change during this short period. I have developed my skills, and luckily there are still plenty of things to learn.

I am excited to continue to offer modern and beautiful websites to anyone who needs to make a presence in the vast ocean called the Internet (who doesn’t?!). I also offer search engine optimisation and digital marketing services. Making this step simple and enjoyable for new and existing entrepreneurs inspires me immensely.

My values are Empathy, Transparency & Flexibility and those I promise to bring into each of my projects.

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